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About Marcin Nowak

Marcin Nowak

Over 15 years experience as a director and freelancer for games (theWitcher, Dying Light),

film, animation, theatre, VR and other audio-visual projects.
Since 2015 a lecturer at Polish National Film School in Lodz where he teaches about

new ways of narration and storyteller`s tools like games and Unreal Engine/Sequencer.
Connects film, theatre, literature with games and new technologies - directing cutscenes

for AAA game titles or as a pioneer of VR theatre. Supervised action sequences

and VFX for feature films, created illustrations and covers for books.
Conducting research on smart games, interactive literature adaptation,

recreation of real environments in game engine.
Ongoing project - adaptation and director -  The Trial by Franz Kafka,

interactive game experience. Supported by Polish Ministry of Culture.

And of course - World of Art - learn with Jigsaw Puzzles.

Here more information about MY WORK.


Marcin Nowak

About WOA learn with Jigsaw Puzzles

Welcome to a Virtual Museum!
Become a Mastermind of World of Art - learn with Jigsaw Puzzles!

We all stay at home during this season, so to make this time little happier, please accept this gift of art.
You don`t have to leave Your house to buy high quality jigsaw. Stay home, play online and train Your brain whenever You like.
Best for adults brain training, great learning experience for kids and seniors can keep their minds sharp!
Share this game to support it`s growth, we will expand it to give You more and more puzzles.

It`s time to get even smarter with World of Art - learn with Jigsaw Puzzles.

Contemplate great paintings and great painter`s work without leaving Your home.

Canalletto, Van Gogh, Bosch, Rubens, Homer, Goya, Vermeer, Manet, Schreyvogel, Cezanne, Morse, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Klimt and many other great painters.

All that in accompaniment of a beautiful, classical music and calming sounds.

Take a close look, play and familiarize Yourself with painting styles and themes.


This is a FREE app, we hope You like it.
If You do, please Share this game with friends, family and Rate it at Google Play Store.

If You have any issues with World of Art - learn with a Jigsaw Puzzle, please post a comment.
Your feedback matters.
Thanks to great institutions like museums and public domain, it`s possible to share these masterpieces with You. Please support open access to art and projects like this game.

Game is available on Steam


for free on Android devices.

Have fun but most of all - STAY HEALTHY!
All the best!

Marcin Nowak

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