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Search & Rescue: Halny
Search, Rescue, Survive! Turn-based Strategy Board Game for up to 4 Players! Local or Remote, Co-Op or Lone Wolf!
Search for Tourists lost in the Tatra Mountains during Extreme Halny Wind and bring everyone to safety!
Hurry up, it`s getting colder each minute!

Main Features
❆ Hex Board Game Turn-Based Strategy
❆ Magnificient Tatra National Park Main Board
❆ Procedural Boards
❆ 1-4 Players - Single Player or Co-Operation
❆ Scenarios and Missions
❆ Local or Remote Multiplayer
❆ Survive Mode - Rescue Tourists or Survive
❆ Character Leveling
❆ Equipement and Upgrades
❆ Variety of Items, Cards and Fields
❆ Learn about Dangers of Mountain Environment and about Survival!
all of this is and more on STEAM from November 11th`22

Did You know that "Halny" foehn wind can blow even 300km/h? It can lift You off the ground and throw down the slope!
Visibility is low, perceived temperature is low, snow, gravel or tree shards are flying around.
Check the weather and always be prepared for a hike in the mountains.

Search & Rescue is a game dedicated to all Good People, Search and Rescue Teams around the World and those who volounteer to help others, with special cheers for TOPR and GOPR! :)

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